Wood Sanding Machine

FRIEND company is a woodworking machinery manufacturer in China, Qingdao city, it offers wood sanding machine, wood cutting machine as wood cutting saw, multifunctional wood boring machine and other wood machines. With more than many years experience of manufacturing various wood machines, FRIEND is able to make high quality product and wood equipments, by experience of offering international clients, the company knows how to offer satisfaction service to the wood machine users worldwide.

1.Modified Wood Sanding Machine

This wood sanding machine is equipped with FYH or ASA bearing from Japan, Schneider electrical elements from France, SMC pipe and electromagnetic valve from Japan, Autoncis coder from Korea, Delta PLC system and branded touch screen from Taiwan, etc. The high configuration ensures reliable and accurate performance of the belt sander. In addition,  you should know the most of powerful red laser pointer pen beam light 5mw have different feature.You can choose what is best suit for you.

2.Large Wood Sanding Machine

This large wood sanding machine is applicable for sanding and thickness calibration of plywood, multilayer board, blockboard, shaving board, MDF, etc.
The main frame of the sanding machine is welded into integral-box structure, which ensures high rigidity and operational stability. This also guarantees the long service life of the machine.

3.2-Head Wide Belt Wood Sanding Machine

Before using the belt sander, please read and do according to the specification and operation manual.
Do regular check and maintenance.
Don’t modify the machine without authority.
Operate the wood sander in dustproof clothing.

4.4-Head Wood Sanding Machine

In order to make customers better understand our products, please read the following items carefully before using our 4 head wood sanding machine.
Please carefully read the operational manual and specification information of the sander, thus avoiding equipment damage caused by improper operations.

5.Roller Type Wood Sanding Machine

The main frame of the wood sanding machine is welded into a structure like a box, so the machine has high strength, stability and long service life.The contact roller has a bigger diameter, which enables the sand belt to be used for a long time.The precise dynamic balance of the contact roller makes the operation more stable.

6.Lacquered Panel Wood Sanding Machine

Lacquered panel   sander is designed for sanding and polishing many kinds of painted boards. Especially, this primer sander is suitable for sanding floor and furniture which is made of wood or bamboo. It features precise sanding and polishing.

FRIEND as China wood machine manufacturer, its staff control many aspects related the quality as investing good machining equipments of wood machines, regularly train the workers, sent some of them to Japan as trainers for improving their ability and skill, and the company makes strict inspection rules of quality, carefully inspect and any part used on the wood machine. FRIEND has obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate. FRIEND is doing best to earn good market with high quality and satisfied service, FRIEND has had customers from Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, India and other counties.

FRIEND is trying best to control the production cost for benefiting its wood machine users. FRIEND is located called “woodworking machinery and wood equipments town” Qingdao, in where wood machine makers do not need out of the town to have any parts of wood machine need, and international shipping cost is been considered as a wood machine international purchasers,, Qingdao is harbor city, it has marine line directly to many countries, the international clients do not need to pay the China domestic land shipping cost when the wood machines are delivered.